Friday, January 18, 2013


Currently running at the fabulous Drake Underground until January 27th, the ever popular trans-gone outrageously wrong- madcap rock musical tour de force is a first rate production of an iconic off-Broadway gem. Starring Seth Drabinsky and L.A. Lopes, this incarnation brings all of the essential grittiness and audience interaction to full fruition as performers break the fourth wall with an in your face n' crotch bravado that never fails to titillate. Their impeccable skill as musical performers never flinches as they interact with each other, a band of musical hotties, and an adoring audience - delivering a seamless and penetrating form of nasty/cool that breaks the heart and fractures the funny bone. Titillating glee and seething political innuendo permeates the room as gender identity is aligned with political disarray causing walls to crumble and wigs to fly. 

Drabinsky's powerful, diverse singing voice, and superb acting skills, give all of the characters portrayed in this ninety minute mostly-monologic creation a distinct and memorable role to play. As a frequently standup-comic show, allowing for vivid moments of musical truth and beauty, the entire ensemble, from L.A. Lopes to a cool, calm, and sexy band, have been skilfully directed by Drabinksy and Stephen Low to create a fast-paced, tightly blocked, technically seamless, action packed evening that brings the repercussions of a fallen Berlin Wall, and all that it implies, to the Drake Underground for a memorable Queen West engagement.

Beautiful illustrations and line drawings by Christopher Rouleau, and evocative photographic projections by Seth Drabinsky surround the audience and remind one of the specific time and place this metaphoric journey refers to. Through nods to Plato and Aristotle in the program the audience is reminded of the origins of love, sex, and the whole damn thing - illustrating just how complex and theatrically savvy the John Cameron Mitchell/Stephen Trask original concept was in a world of burgeoning trans-identificatory praxis, innovation, and acute cultural mayhem.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the fabulous Drake Underground - replete with couch crotchular landings, explosive back exits, and fraught frontal cavities

But all academic innuendo aside, this is a truly exciting and professional production to behold, and should transfer, (or be re-'mounted' - as Hedwig might like to put it) to the Panasonic as soon as the Mirvish Empire gets hold of trans-entertainment value and adds it to the ongoing narrative of their blossoming subscription seasonal star-fare.

And if that wasn't enough, Bianca Boom Boom opened last Wednesdays show and set the tone with her fabulous burlesque stylings, and will be back for more of the same on January 23rd.

Don't miss Hedwig. It will change your life, or at the very least, your hairstyle - and possibly your undies...


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