Sunday, October 20, 2019

DANCEWORKS PRESENTS Dancers of Damelahamid: Mînowin


 Dancers of Damelahamid: Mînowin

"The crust of the earth was soft, the light was twilight and there was no running water. A hand reached down and picked up some clay, breath took the clay to the four corners and wherever it landed we awakened." The Dancers of Damelahamid

Based in the ancestral knowledge of the Gitxsan ("people of the river of mists") Mînowin is a lush and varied display of gorgeous contemporary choreography and traditional dance movement and rhythms. This seventy minute tour de force, utilizing richly conceived projections, and a combination of offstage soundscapes and beautiful onstage vocals, the overall presentation was at once mesmerizing and haunting.

 Filled with joyful segments, interwoven with ritual tableaus and exquisite sequential dance elements, the Dancers of Damelahamid - an acclaimed Indigenous company from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia - "working with the Indigenous worldview of time as circular...illustrat[ing] moments of connection, understanding, and renewal..." * 

"Through story, dance, visual art, and song, Mînowin" * attests to and ongoing tradition of moving translating and transforming the "act of clarifying direction" * as the earth and time integrate in circular patterns and gorgeous planetary movement. Dancing within a dazzling orbit of intricate choreography, playing seamlessly from one exquisitely detailed frame to the next. This was, at once, a soothing and exciting, calming and stimulating, evening of diverse and utterly engaging dance. 

* Mimi Beck, Danceworks Dance Curator



was presented at the 
Harbourfront Centre Theatre
on October 18 & 19

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