Friday, November 29, 2019


The Theatre Passe Muraille backspace is the perfect setting for the intimacy of this wonderfully moving and vastly entertaining evening of spoken word, music, and theatre. The overall effect suggests the possibility of a larger space, even a cinematic treatment, of this simple, uniquely entertaining and enlightening script. 

Poly Queer Love Ballad takes on a much represented romantic theme - monogamy (or lack thereof) - and makes a courageous and fulfilling attempt to find solutions to the unsolvable. In a nutshell - two beautiful young women fall in love. One of them wants the one and only scenario. The other one wants to find sexual fulfillment in more than one partner, but agrees that they can be primary partners, and that their relationship is first and foremost. Once the first sparks of passion ignite it is a bumpy yet lovely roller coaster ride through intricate, story-like lyrics sung beautifully by the very charismatic Sara Vickruckand, with powerful and rhythmic poetic pieces delivered throughout by Anais West.  When dialogue ensues there is a casual and comfortable rapport between the performers as they negotiate the various modes of performance as part of their polyplay romance. 

One aspect of the polyamory equation is brought to life by a quote from a Natalie Barney letter written over a century ago, giving the overall piece a broad historical plane to exist within, and providing beautiful and poetic sentiments from Barney in favour of more than a single lover. 

Complex direction by Julie McIsaac has the performers effectively traversing tight spaces and using much of the technology of spoken word in clever and powerful ways. The narrative rarely lapses into a realm of complete disavowal and distrust - not that this is a problem, but it is nice to see an alternate equation play itself out as abject heartbreak is too often where this kind of story can go. But Vickruck and West take on a popular sex dilemma and never fully allow it all to go there. Moments of indecision and unfair accusatory repartee do occur and heighten the drama, but all in all it is sixty minutes of queer heaven as two gifted artists share their take on the often impossible entanglements of two lovers where sometimes one of them needs to be three - or more. There is one moment of maddening projection when a dildo is discussed, giving far too much weight to that ever present phallus. But shit happens eh. What can ya do. With two more shows to go don't miss this funny fierce and fulfilling piece of spoken word theatre.


l-r Sara Vickruck, Anais West

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