Thursday, May 17, 2012


Rent is one of those shows possessing such a seamless, high-powered score, filled with so many memorable moments and songs, that it runs the risk of becoming a blurry mélange of sight and sound if not handled with impeccable artistry. The current Theatre Sheridan is such a clearly articulated and beautifully performed production - in the intimate surroundings of the Panasonic Theatre - that it takes one’s breath away.

Director Lezlie Wade - with intricate, at times steamy choreography by Marc Kimelman - has guided her incredible team through the entire masterpiece with such an eye for precision and distinct characterization that even diehard fans of this groundbreaking musical will see new and exciting ways of interpreting the cast of memorable characters.

The entire ensemble shines in a spectacular display of talent. My favorite number has always been the performance art piece, and in the hands of Julia McLellan as Maureen, the number comes alive with new intensity and drive. Having seen three productions in Toronto and New York, Theatre Sheridan’s RENT ranks high as an incredible version of this funny, wise, sexy, and profoundly moving piece of musical theatre.

running at the PANASONIC THEATRE 
until June 3rd

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