Friday, April 19, 2013


Jordan MacLachlan's
"comfortably housed on a condo 
floor plan, yet possess[ing] 
barbarism that one would not expect 
to find beyond the walls 
of our neighbours"

as you enter the gallery you quickly begin to feel 
that you are intruding on someone's privacy

and then your friend, who has accompanied you to the show points at one piece, resplendent on its own grey plinth, 
and says -
"That's how I felt last night, but there was no dog"

Jordan MacLachlan says that she makes 

"figurative narratives that are meaningful to me, 
and reflect the life i have lived, 
often appearing quite frank, 
while at the same time 
possessing an 'aliveness' 
as though there were 
someone home inside 
each piece"

yes, indeed, someone is home 
and making merry 
with a variety of poses indirectly 

influenced by the artist's exposure to a 
Metropolitan Museum of Art book 

Playing With Fire, European Terracotta Models, 1740-1840 (2003)

delightfully voyeuristic,
an array of 
"true-to-life narratives 
that reflect the often raw and contradictory 
nuances of human nature...afford[ing] viewers 
poignant glimpses of a brazen underside, 
revealing the teeth of life 
through emotional grit" 

cast in the perfect medium for a playful, 
frequently 'natural' foray into the many scenes 
that play themselves out 
in the spaces we call our homes

"Condo Living is a series of figurative sculptural vignettes...derived from [the artist's] Unexpected Subway Living installation, originally shown at MOCCA in Ineffable Plasticity: the experience of being human exhibition 
[2011], curated by Camilla Singh"

Condo Living is a must see because 
it dares to be bold and simple

utilizing the artist's love of a natural substance 
that she has always been attracted to, 

creating 'natural' scenes that we may be frequently attracted to despite any desire to hide the rituals & routines we may find ourselves immersed within -

 "I have always been partial to working with clay 
because it has been able to fit into 
just about any of my life circumstances, 
big or small"

much like the "big or small" scenes crafted by a hand 
adept at representing intimacy in the most ordinary places, 
MacLachlan's talent for displaying life as she has seen it 
rests beautifully within a field of grey and white at -

until May 11th   

                                                                                                                              photos by Walter Willems

ARTBARRAGE, 80 SPADINA, SUITE 208, 647 895-3374

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